Secret Shopper

Use a Secret Shopper to Perk Up Your Business

Often, businesses in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, start to lose customers over time and can't figure out why. Everything's the same as it has always been – or is it? In reality, chances are that the service, building, or both have been slowly deteriorating through the years. To those who own the business or work there, these changes have gone unnoticed - or nobody was willing to rock the boat by mentioning them. The reason the business has been declining is that the customers have noticed!


A secret shopper is the perfect way to cut to the heart of these insidious problems. This person pretends to be a regular customer, but in reality, is taking note of everything, large and small, about the shopping experience. Then, a report is generated by the secret shopper that will point out both the good and the bad, so you can correct problems and amplify the good points.

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