Mystery Shopping Company

Why Hire a Mystery Shopping Company?

The overarching reason to hire a mystery shopping company is that it is the perfect way to get an outsider's opinion on your operations. Insiders usually are not good sources of this sort of information because they are caught up in the interpersonal dynamics of the company, superior/subordinate relationships, fears of job security, and even the basic "blindness" that comes with familiarity. A mystery shopper isn't involved in any of that, and therefore can provide an unbiased report without any pressure to ignore problems.


Once you get the report from the mystery shopping company, you'll have a great blueprint for improving your store or other customer-facing operations. The shopper will report on staff attentiveness and attitude, the cleanliness of your location, and even notice things that others have ignored for years. Then, you can make the improvements that will attract more real customers to your business.

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